Upcycling: Something Old From Something New?

Who Says That You Can’t Make Something New From Something Old?
There is a whole new world out there that is about taking old things and making them new. To be sure, I am not speaking about the art world, music industry and film industry. On the contrary, I am talking about ordinary people turning old objects and materials into new resources. This is essentially what so many ecologically minded people are doing all over the world. For instance, you can turn old tee Read the rest of this entry »

While the world has made great strides in developing environmentally responsible technology, it’s going to be a while before the most energy efficient appliances, gadgets and cars become affordable enough for the average person to use in their home. That said, embracing a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. By shopping for the best home electricity rates on www.texasenergycompanies.net/ and adopting a few of these simple concepts in your Texas home, you’ll be able to help save the environment without breaking the bank.

Make Use of Nature’s Gifts

Instead of using up the Earth’s resources, why not take advantage of those that are already a natural part of your life? Water collected in barrels during a storm can be used to water the lawn or garden during a dry spell, and taking advantage of hot weather by hanging your laundry up to dry on a line reduces electricity use and makes your clothes smell fantastic.

Start a Garden

There’s no better way to get in touch with nature than by running your hands through fertile soil. With a few simple tools, a couple of packs of seeds and some collected rainwater, you can grow a small and thriving garden full of herbs and vegetables that will come in handy in the kitchen. You can even plant fruit or nut trees that will grow to shade your home and deliver a bounty of fresh edibles year after year. By consuming produce that you’ve grown in home, you avoid contributing to the carbon emissions of mass-produced supermarket produce.


Whether you live in a rural area or in the middle of a city, recycling is an easy way to live green without spending an extra dime. Most large towns and cities have official programs that collect recyclable materials, making it easy and convenient and reduce waste. If none of these programs are available in your area, you can still contribute by making responsible choices such as to reuse containers as planters or storage containers, start a compost pile, shred paper for use as mulch and find alternative uses for items that can no longer function as initially intended.

For those who love fashion, but also wish to live economically when it comes to the environment and their finances, second hand clothing stores may be the perfect solution. Nowadays, thrift shops are not limited to low end stores with dirty, disorganized merchandise. Bargain hunters who love vintage fashions and high end clothing can find their favorite styles and labels at luxury thrift shops that typically offer discount second hand shopping in a neater, more organized setting. In addition, shoppers can often exchange their own clothes at these Read the rest of this entry »

Too many people think that gardening is something that only happens when you have large amounts of property. The truth is that if you have enough space for a five gallon bucket, chances are good that you have enough space for a tiny garden! Even tiny gardens need compost though, and so a few questions might come to mind.

First, you might be wondering where you can put a compost pile. The truth is that a compost pile does not have Read the rest of this entry »

Before building a birdhouse, gather recyclable materials from a variety of environments and sources. Pine cones, milk jugs, soda bottles, peanut butter jars, recycled potato chip containers, coffee cans, old barn wood and old tin are excellent examples of recyclable materials that would make unique and wonderful homes for backyard birds.

Make green birdhouses by joining strings or wire to any plastic recycled container that will provide an interesting food container for visiting backyard birds. Use a knife Read the rest of this entry »

Curbside recycling now serves more communities than ever around the globe, making recycling household waste easy. However, people who find themselves in a community that does not offer residential recycling pickup may still be able to recycle their refuse.

First, by consulting the local phone book or community resource directory, it may be possible to locate a nearby recycling facility. It will be important to ask the facility staff what their requirements are for accepting recyclable waste products. Next, Read the rest of this entry »

Recycling not only has positive effects for the environment, but it can save you some money as well. If you think about it, when a product is reused it makes it so that you don’t have to buy new items. This reduces your personal carbon footprint and will keep green in your pocket as well. Let’s look at some of the common household items you can reuse!

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a very common Read the rest of this entry »